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ATVOD Industry Forum

The ATVOD Industry Forum

As a co-regulator, we believe it is important to understand issues from the industry perspective and to tap into industry expertise. We therefore established the ATVOD Industry Forum to allow effective two-way communication between the industry and ATVOD.

The Fourm meets three times a year and its terms of reference and minutes are published on this page. Membership is open to representatives of providers of a notified ODPS.  Trade Associations are also invited to attend as 'associate members'.

The Chair and Deputy Chair of the Forum  are elected by the members. The current Chair is Kerry Kent of Discovery Communications Europe Ltd. The current Deputy Chair is Martin Stott of Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd.

Administrative support is provided by ATVOD and the Forum can be contacted by email at

Together, ATVOD and the Industry Forum have established a number of working parties. Minutes of the meetings of those working parties are published here.


Adult Provider Network

The Adult Provider Network (APN) has been established as a subset of the ATVOD Industry Forum to maintain an open and effective dialogue between regulated on-demand providers of 'adult' material and ATVOD.  The APN does not receive administrative support from ATVOD. Contact details and information relating to the APN is published here.