The Association for Television on Demand




If a complaint is upheld and therefore results in a Determination that a breach of the Rules has occurred,  ATVOD will publish the details in this section. On ocassions, ATVOD may publish a Determination that a complaint has not been upheld.


ATVOD will also publish in this section details of:


        -  Determinations of breaches of the Rules following pro-active investigations (ie where there is no complainant)


        -  Determinations that a notified service is, or remains, an ODPS subject to regulation


        -  Determinations that an entity is, or remains, the provider of an ODPS


Determinations are catalogued according to the calendar year in which they were issued and can be accessed using the links below. Users of this website should be aware that, in the interests of openness and accountability, it is ATVOD's policy to publish frank and detailed descriptions of  the material relevant to a Determination and this may include some language which may cause offence.


2014 Determinations

2013 Determinations

2012 Determinations

2011 Determinations

2010 Determinations