The Association for Television on Demand

Regulated services

Providers of On Demand Programme Services ("ODPS") are required by law to notify ATVOD before the service begins, and to advise ATVOD if the service closes or undergoes significant changes. Full details of the statutory requirements that apply to ODPS can be found in the Rules and Guidance section of this website

If you are unsure of whether your service requires notification, please consult the Guidance on who needs to notify. To make a notification, please refer to the document How to notify and complete the Online Notification Form as soon as possible. A print version of the Notification Form is also available via email at or by post from ATVOD, 27 Sheet Street, Windsor, SL4 1BN.

Service providers must pay a fee to ATVOD in relation to each On Demand Programme Service they provide and will receive invoices with respect to each notified service. The fees charged by ATVOD are the subject of a public consultation each year and are approved by Ofcom. Details of the current fee tariff can be found in the Regulatory Fees section.

Providers of online services may also care to consider the universal guidelines on child internet safety issued by the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) and published on this page.

Access services

ATVOD is required to encourage Service Providers to ensure that their services are progressively made more accessible to people with disabilities affecting their sight or hearing or both.

ATVOD welcomes this obligation and is committed to playing a significant part in encouraging service providers to make their services more accessible to people with disabilities affecting their sight or hearing at a key time in the development and use of on-demand services. Our current Access Services Plan for encouraging the provision of access services is published on this page along with Best Practice Guidelines for access services on video on demand services. Those guidelines were developed in partnership with representatives of those with relevant disabilities and the industry, and were finalised after a pubic consultation. 

In summer 2012, all service providers were once again encouraged to provide ATVOD with relevant details of the access services currently provided on their On Demand Programme Services by completing and returning a questionnaire. The information provided is set out in the Provision of VOD Access Services Report 2013 published on this page. The report enables stakeholders, including people with relevant disabilities, to identify which specific access services are being offered on which services, and to indicate in each case the scale of provision of each type of access service.  The 2012 Report and the 2011 Report are also published on this page along with ATVOD's Initial Survey of major service providers earlier in 2011.

European Works

Service providers should also note that ATVOD encourages them to promote, where practicable and by appropriate means, production of and access to European works. ATVOD’s 2012-15 European Works Plan for encouraging service providers is published on this page along with guidance on the definition of a ‘European work’.