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Directory of notified services

Directory of notified services

The Directory of Notified Services on this page provides a record of those services which had been notified to ATVOD  and provides key information about each service. If you wish to make a complaint about a notified service, you can click through to our online complaints form directly from the service listing in the directory. The Directory is set out alphabetically by service name and can be searched according to a key word such as a service or platform name.


Service providers should note that inclusion within this Directory merely confirms that we have received a notification, it does not constitute a determination that the notification is sufficient to meet the service provider’s obligations under Section 368BA of the Communications Act 2003. In particular, if upon further investigation ATVOD concludes that a notified service  in fact constitutes two or more separate ODPSs, the service provider will be required to make further notifications.


Services are normally included in the directory within two weeks of notification. A pdf of the directory is available on request from

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