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Regulatory Fees

Regulatory fees

Service providers must pay a fee to ATVOD in relation to each On Demand Programme Service they provide and will receive invoices with respect to each notified service. The fees charged by ATVOD are the subject of a public consultation each year and are approved by Ofcom.

The structure and level of the fees for the year to 31 March 2014  was the subject of a public consultation which closed on 26 March 2013. Details of the consultation are available in the News & consultations section of this website.

On 20 May 2013 Ofcom approved a new fee tariff which retains the progressive three band fee structure based on the turnover of the service provider, and three concessionary rates for non-commercial, micro scale and small scale providers. However, the structure of new tariff differs from the previous tariff in the following respect: within each band, 'first service' and 'additional service' fees have been replaced with 'single outlet' and 'multiple outlet' fees to reflect the simplification of the notification requirements introduced for 2013-14.  Average fees have been reduced by 5%. A summary of the 2013-14 fee tariff is published on this page along with a full statement on 2013-14 fees.

Service providers will be charged the Super A Rate unless they demonstrate that they are eligible for a lower rate, or for a concesionary rate. Application forms for Rate A, Rate B and the three concessionary rates are published on this page.

ATVOD will continue to work with members of the Industry Forum to consider appropriate fee arrangements for future years. Minutes of the working party established for this purpose are published on this page.

consultation on a proposal to freeze fees for 2014-15 closed on 22 April 2014. The fee tariff for 2014-15 will be published on this page once it is approved by Ofcom.